I am always happy when new places open up close to where we live, and this year we are especially spoiled with Bar Attak and just last week Little Butcher’s Summer Grill.  Most of the summer bars and restaurant score high on atmosphere but usually disappoint in terms of food.  Whilst the old coach house with its brick walls and timber beams is definitely a great location, Little Butcher’s completely blew us away with the quality of their food and drinks.

They make their own tonic and serve such drinks as Kurkuma Sour (kurkuma infused gin, lemon and orange bitters) and Fritz Rubarb lemonade.  I went for the Vulson Rye n dry (rye spirit, ginger ale and lemon).  I had not tasted the Vulson before, I expected an agressive whiskey taste but instead got a pale coloured drink with a spicy, soft taste. I think I’m over G&T now, and this was a great alternative.

There is a huge outside kitchen with grill, and a focus on the menu on grilling and smoking local organic food.  We started with turkey brochettes and bitterballen (dipped in mustard! bliss!), followed by the grilled calamares in lemon butter and an incredibly tasty bavette steak.  We loved the food so much we have already booked to go back in a few weeks time when ex Noma souschef Yannik Van Aecken will take over the grill.  Tickets are selling out quick, so if you want to go book here now!

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