In my work as an interior architect I am attracted to quiet spaces with strong simple lines. I like interiors to be a blank canvas against which our lives can play out. A tranquil place inviting to relax and enjoy small everyday pleasures.

Over the years I have designed apartments, houses and studios, as well as shops, restaurants, cafés and offices. I have consulted for Vincent Van Duysen, Arclinea and Redjacket. You can find my professional website here.

After living in London and Sydney, my partner and I bought a loft in a disused chocolate factory. We fell in love with the light streaming in through the windows and the wide views towards the spire of the Antwerp cathedral. Five years later all we own is a sofa, a table and a bed – and a cat called Minnie. Because we have very little we can roll the sofa in front of the windows to catch the sun on a wintry afternoon, or move it closer to the open fire when it snows. I can tell the time from the shadows thrown by the window frames on the walls.

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