When australian friends you haven’t seen for eight years tell you they are going to be in Paris, what do you do? You jump in the car and drive there to catch up over lunch! We spent an extra day there to explore. We love the Marais but also felt like seeing a new area of Paris so spent a day walking around SoPi. I had read a lot about this up and coming area so was prepared to battle crowds of people but South Pigalle was actually pretty quiet and unassuming (perhaps because we went there during the day). It’s an area that’s evolving quickly with small boutiques next door to dodgy bars and mixed in with little restaurants, food shops and small boutiques that we loved exploring. There are so many places we liked but these were the highlights.

Of course, you need some sustenance before a big walk so the first thing we did was lunch at Buvette.  A branch of  the New York restaurant with the same name this place has a nice vibe with good (though perhaps not very imaginative) food.  It’s a great place to sit at the counter, enjoy a cocktail and rillettes whilst planning the rest of the day.
(First image by Nicole Franzen for Conde Nast Traveller)

This is the place to find local fruit and veg as well as some special items such as smoked Lapsang Souchong salt.  Think heaps of cherries and radishes with bright green leaves, artichokes and handmade cheese.  There is a little café next door where we definitely would have had lunch if we hadn’t just staggered out of Buvette.

Le Rocket Ship
A small boutique but with a great selection of notebooks, ceramics, pans….

Rue Des Martyrs
It took us the better part of an hour to walk this small street just because there was so much to see here… The brownie at Rose Bakery left us to full to enjoy the other treats like patisserie at Sebastien Gaudard, choux at Popelini and more patisserie at Arnaud Delmontel.

A couple of other places we really liked elsewhere: Le Marché des Enfants Rouge (we bought fresh tumeric at this small food market in the Marais and admired the flowers), Merci and La Maison Plisson ( a new food shop by Bruno Doucet of La Régalade where we celebrated one of my best friend’s 50th a while back).

Though I love French food, I was also quite relieved to find some lighter options such as Bob’s Kitchen vegan cafe and the Cojean chain.








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