If you follow me on instagram or facebook you have probably already seen the images of the new ICO Collection.

I’m so excited to finally tell you about this project I have been working on for over a year!  I’m always on the lookout for beautiful products to feature in the webshop but sometimes it feels like there is so much unnecessary ‘stuff’.  I hate clutter but like objects that serve a purpose, things that are functional.  Interior Architect Marc Merckx and I collaborated on the ICO Collection.  He has designed so many beautiful things: a stone bowl that turns into a chopping board, a tray that serves as a bread board, a chair that can be used inside or out….

The materials used for the Collection go back to the archetypal kitchen.  They are solid, natural materials pleasing to use and touch.  Copper and brass refer to the traditional pots, pans, sinks and taps and have been selected because they are warm and tactile materials that age beautifully over time.  Each piece from marble and terrazzo – often used for worktops and sinks – is sculpted from a single block.  Wood is the traditional material for chopping boards and butcher’s blocks.

A small selection of objects is for sale in the webshop now with more coming up soon.

All this combined with my dayjob means I am rather busy… so I won’t be checking in on the blog regularly.  If you wish, you can follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.  If you want to know when new objects will be added, you can also subscribe to the newsletter.

With thanks to The Fresh Light for the beautiful photography and Nightingale for spreading the news and PR support.


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Once in a while you come across objects that are both incredibly beautiful and useful at the same time.  I love the ceramics created by Clair Catillaz in her Brooklyn based studio, Clam Lab.  Her objects make me think of Morandi still lifes.  In the shop you can now find her tea bowl, pour bowl medium and small and burnished carafe. I had a chat with Clair about shapes, clay and inspiration.

1) What attracts you to making ceramics?

I’m interested in tactile utilitarian objects of all kinds, so the medium lends itself well. I also love how directly the materials are connected to the earth. And clay feels so good.

2) Can you tell us more about the materials you use, the types of clay and glazes?

Most of my materials are commercially mined and prepared, but I really love to collect clay from places I visit and incorporate it into my glazes. I’m still learning about making things from scratch, but it’s incredibly entertaining and very educational. I like to make limited runs of things based on the materials that are available.

3) The shapes of many of your objects like the carafe and the bowls is quite primitive and sculptural. What inspires you right now?

I’m interested in how forms resonate with human hands, and vice versa. Trends come and go, but the objects that have staying power always feel good to hold. How cool is it that a vase made tens of thousands of years ago is still “good”? I hope to make objects in this spirit.

4) If you weren’t living in NY creating ceramics what else would you be doing?

Maybe living a more nomadic lifestyle? I love to to travel. But I need to have busy hands wherever I am.


photos copyright Dorotee Dubois

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I really missed autumn and the leaves changing colours when we were living in Sydney.  Last week, everywhere I wentI found myself picking up colourful leaves from the pavement… I just love the dark reds, the warm yellow and russet colours.  Minnie the cat loves pushing them of the counter and watching them swirl to the concrete floor…

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Happy monday morning everyone! Hope you all enjoyed the sunny weekend…

Ik hoop dat jullie van het zonnige weekend genoten hebben en dat jullie een fantastische week tegemoet gaan!


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If you are looking for a minimalist bathroom, consider the Poresta slot for your shower.  Water disappears in a shadowgap drain along the wall, the drain can be cleaned easily.  For more information, have a look at their website here.

Als je op zoek bent naar een minimalistische badkamer, kijk dan eens naar het Poresta douche systeem.  Water loopt af via een schaduwlijn langs de muur.  De afloop kan gemakkelijk proper gemaakt worden.  Voor meer informatie bezoek hun website hier


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Spotted in this month’s Vogue Living: if you like the look of stone but want a less fragile material, have a look at the Caesarstone range.  Its five new composite materials have been developed to closely resemble marbles such as Carrara, Crema Marfil and Emperador.

Gezien in de nieuwe Vogue Living: als je houdt van steen maar een meer slijtvast materiaal wil kijk dan eens naar Caesarstone.  De nieuwe composietreeks is ontwikkeld om te lijken op marmers zoals Carrara, Crema Marfil en Emperador.

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I love this beautiful holiday home of John Rocha.  The kitchen is quite minimal but warm due to the use of italian limestone throughout.  I like the idea of tucking away the pantry behind a large pivoting door along the stairwell (and wish my cupboards were as neat!).  The warm wood floor and dark furniture contrast nicely with the rest of the house.  Full feature on Snoop.  Photography by Richard Powers.

Dit is het mooie vakantiehuis van John Rocha.  De keuken is minimalistisch maar toch warm door het gebruik van italiaanse kalksteen.  Heel vernuftig is het wegwerken van de bijkeuken in de trappenhal achter een groot pivoterend paneel (ik wou dat mijn kasten zo mooi opgeruimd waren!).  De warme houten vloer en donker meubilair geven een mooi contrast met de rest van het huis.  Zie meer op Snoop.  Gefotografeerd door Richard Powers.

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